We have had our son Taylor James Joseph Wiseman at Blue Pumpkin since he was 10 months old. Indira is a fantastic Daycare Director and an Educator. We feel he is safe with her, and he is thriving. Everywhere we go, he is polite and well behaved as a result of her guidance. He is ahead of his peers on reading and writing as well. Because it is a small daycare with a small group, our son receives one on one attention that he would not get in a CPE. We are very happy with our experience at Blue Pumpkin Daycare and highly recommend it! to everyone we know.

Arianna Rabinovitch

February 15, 2017 3:45 PM 


Our daughter was at Bluepumpkin for two years and loved it. It is an exceptionally stimulating, safe and nurturing environment. Indira loves and respects the children and puts her heart and soul into her work every single day. She continuously adjusts her programming to meet all developmental levels as well as individual needs. Our daughter was able to learn from the older children and given an opportunity to assist, nurture and model routines and expectations for her younger peers- important life skills that are more difficult to develop in day care settings with same-age groups. Indira’s emphasis on safety and the children’s well-being put us at ease right from the start. This peace of mind is priceless. Somehow, she gets the children to nap and eat their vegetables too. You'll be amazed how much your child learns, especially good manners. It’s impressive.


Our second child is now spending every day with Indira and from the first time around, we know the benefits of a small, hands on education.

- J Moyal

We couldn’t be happier with BluePumpkin daycare, it is a warm and loving environment where the children feel right at home. They get the best care and most importantly a great balance of fun, free play and lessons.

-L Ciccotti

My first son has gone to this daycare and he loves it a lot and now also he remembers Indira.

- A Current Client

Blue Pumpkin is a safe and loving environment which acts as an extension of our home. Its expertise allows each child individualized care. There is freedom to explore, create, learn and grow amongst peers while finding their footing in our world. Its philosophy and core values instill respect, discipline and a thirst for knowledge. I can say without a doubt that the development of my children has flourished as has my knowledge as a parent.

- Kathy Bailey

We have had our 2 kids John and Joseph at Blue Pumpkin since they were 12 months old. Indira is a fantastic Daycare Director and an Educator. The kids are thriving. There are very polite and well behaved is all thanks to the Educator. Every day kids get one on one attention which I like very much as a parent. We are very happy with our experience at Blue Pumpkin Daycare and highly recommend it! Blue Pumpkin is a safe and loving environment. My kids love going to the Blue pumpkin daycare every day even on the weekend. We want to go to school we miss teacher.

- Dr. Nancy, Dr. Robert

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